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Diane Halpin, DirectorChange the way we serve learns with Autism!

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School Superintendent Training

"There is more in you than you think"

BOSS is the national organization dedicated serving active School Superintendents only. BOSS is

Superintendent Leadership

here to help you as Superintendent of Schools expand your leadership capacity, refine your leadership skill, and support you as you make necessary changes in the school system you serve.

Go ahead and explore our rich website. See what we can offer you along your leadership path.There is but a brief window for many superintendents to make their mark. Let us help you achieve your personal benchmark of excellence.

Reasons to Accept the Nomination
  1. Eliminate Isolation
  2. Find a Safe Place to Share
  3. Share the Real Story
  4. Learn with Peers
  5. Grow Leadership Capacity
  6. Develop a Trusted Network
  7. Build New Leadership Skills
  8. Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  9. Develop Strategy and Tools for Change
  10. Have Your Own Trusted Adviser

Relationships Building
  • Find Support and Trust
  • Learn from a Coach/Mentor
  • Your Meeting, Your Agenda
  • Questions without Judgment
  • Members Walk in Your Shoes
  • Develop Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Share Real Stories and Gain New Insights into Leadership
  • Network with Other Active Superintendents

Benefits of Membership
  • Receive High Quality Professional Development
  • Join a Team of Peers
  • Learn with Leadership Assessments
  • Receive High Quality Coaching/Mentoring
  • Access Private Portal of all BOSS Members
  • Receive Continuing Education Credits
  • Achieve National Certification
  • Expert Training Sessions
  • Learn from Case Studies
  • Conduct Benchmarking
  • Access Career Center
  • Join a Social Network

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