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School Superintendent Training Elevated in Minnesota

Friday, December 2, 2011   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Cohen
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Superintendent Training and Leadership Development has suffered in the US Educational System and Board of School Superintendents has announced the first national program of its kinds to address this short coming.

Dr. Jerry Robicheau

Quote start"I had a plan for building schools since I was a teacher. . . I never got a chance to dismantle what was in the way of building my vision for running schools.” Quote end- Robert Peterkin, School Superintendent

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) November 30, 2011

Dr. Jerry Robicheau has been selected by Board of School Superintendents (BOSS) to serve as Chair of the Board in the State of Minnesota to elevate school district educational leaders.

"Superintendent Training is missing for district administrators until recently which should be alarming to school boards and the community at large. Board of School Superintendents serves the leadership coaching and training needs of school superintendents nationally, and is the only organization to focus exclusively on serving active school superintendents,” says Gary Cohen the organization’s CEO. Dr. Mark Wolak, the firms President adds, "When we decided to launch BOSS we committed ourselves to finding the innovators among school district Superintendents, and there is no doubt that Dr. Jerry Robicheau is just that in Minnesota. BOSS is all about developing leaders, driving change and improving outcomes.”

"It is perplexing to us that in the state of Minnesota their are approximately 300 School Administrators and a high turnover rate within each district. Because of the economic system in place it is very difficult to recruit Superintendents into or out of the Minnesota Educational System. This means when a school district board decides to recruit a new superintendent they are going to the same pool of 300 candidates that all have been within the same system without extensive leadership development of complex systems. Perhaps several communities will benefit from an enlightened leader but the entire state will not be any better off for it’s students entire educational eco system. This is not only happening in Minnesota but nationwide,” says Cohen. "This is why we started BOSS and why Dr. Jerry Robicheau is such an amazing appointment to the BOSS community in Minnesota!”

Dr. Robicheau is internationally recognized for his work in education and is constantly challenging the status quo and pushing districts to rethink how they operate to improve the operating environment for the learner. "Superintendents can no longer be thought of as Administrators, today's Superintendents must be leaders and push past the fear of challenging the system and break away from the complacency learned from within the system says,” Dr. Robicheau.

Dr. Jerry Robicheau is currently the Interim Superintendent of the East Metro Integration District, EMID. This is a consortium of nine suburban school districts and the urban district of St. Paul. EMId has  as its mission to provide a learning environment that is culturally diverse. Dr. Robicheau is Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership and had a faculty appointment as professor of Educational Leadership at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Prior to his appointment to the faculty at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Dr. Robicheau held school leadership positions as superintendent of schools, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Special Education, and Principal. He has been a teacher in both elementary and classrooms.
Dr. Robicheau has authored or co-authored over 20 journal articles on school leadership. He has served on editorial boards for scholarship publications. He has been invited to present at local, state and national conferences. In addition he has been an invited lecturer for international conferences including being invited to present at a conference on ethics at Oxford University, Oxford England.

Dr. Robicheau has served as a management consultant to non-profit and public organizations. He has worked with governing boards on governing for change, assisted organization in strategic planning, and assisted organizations in restructuring.

Dr. Robicheau has served, and is currently the School Board Chair for a local school district, served as treasurer for a public hospital board, and served on boards of professional organizations.

Dr. Robicheau earned his undergraduate degree and Moorhead State University, Master at St.Cloud State University and doctorate at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Robicheau is married, has 2 grown children and recently was blessed with a beautiful granddaughter.

When asked why he joined BOSS, Jerry said, "I am tired of sitting on the side lines watching our valued Superintendents fail slowly by being compliant with the current education system. The system as designed is not working for all students and, for it to do so, we must provide more significant support for the superintendent. BOSS is the first and only organization of it’s kind to deliver a leadership pedagogy that I believe in and support. BOSS provides a comprehensive leadership development program that includes ongoing coaching for active superintendents. We depend on them to lead the changes we want in public education.”.

What is really great is that we are selecting the innovators and early adapters to become fellows to elevate the discussion keeping it rich and productive. We know that early majority, late majority and laggards will find ways to sabotage the discussion at this point in their development and we can have them slow down the changes we want to see happen in education. Those that we invite that turn us down allow us to know that we were wrong about where they are in the innovation curve and that in fact they are not ready to make the changes necessary in the educational system. Often cost or time is used as a smoke screen but they forget we have sat in their shoes and know what is behind the intention.

Wolak said, "The educational system has been spending $100s of millions of dollars on the development of teachers and principals in an effort to turn the tide and close the achievement gap. Although there have been a few bright spots like the New Teachers Center founded by Ellen Moir much of that spending has had very marginal results. At BOSS we know that great leadership must come first and then the organization will follow.” Cohen adds, "One of the most crucial and effective tools a leader has to effect change is the culture of the organization - in education that cultural change must be in lifting the bar on expectations for all the stakeholders, school boards, teachers, parents, and students. Leading complex organization is not part of the training of a school superintendent, they are typically elevated through the system while pursuing their PhD in education. At BOSS we supplement their education with evidence based practice and a supporting environment. "

If you would like more information about Board of School Superintendents please go to or call 612-204-2044. Board of School Superintendents (BOSS) strategic mission is to ‘Elevate Learners by Elevating Leaders’. BOSS is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and founded by Gary B. Cohen and Dr. Mark A. Wolak.

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