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99% of School Superintendents Acknowledge Maintaining the Status Quo Will not Meet Future Needs of S

Sunday, January 8, 2012   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Cohen
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Training School Superintendents to lead complex organizations and make necessary adaptive changes in a strong culture of status quo is the greatest challenge. Board of School Superintendents focuses on improving the performance of public schools requires both technical and adaptive leadership skills from School Superintendents.

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) December 15, 2011

Board of School Superintendents announces finding that Ninety-nine percent of School Superintendents acknowledge that maintaining the status quo of America’s educational system will not address the future needs of students.

This fact is the result of a real time poll taken at the Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA) Conference. The real time poll was completed by 200 Superintendents with the help of CO2 Partners (a firm specializing in Leadership Development) and Turning Technologies at the annual 2010 MASA conference. MASA, an organization serving the needs of School Superintendents and Special Education Directors, engaged the professional services of Dr. Mark Wolak, former Superintendent of Mahtomedi Public Schools, and business partner, Gary Cohen, to develop a leadership strand at the conference specifically to assess the current needs of Superintendents.

Superintendents across Minnesota found agreement and commitment to change as a result of the real time polling sponsored by Turning Technologies. Polling data challenged Superintendents to "step up their game” by learning how to become more effective leaders today for great public schools tomorrow. "Superintendents know that the status quo is not going to meet the future needs of learners and they must have the courage to challenge communities and legislative leaders to do what is necessary for adaptive change to occur,” says Dr. Wolak, President of Board of School Superintendents.

Cohen states, "It is abundantly clear to us at BOSS that School Administrators need ongoing leadership development training to address both excessive stress and the level of isolation in their role (64% of current Superintendents agree or strongly agree that they feel isolated in their role according to the national Association of School Administrators, AASA, 2010). Superintendents cannot fulfill their significant duties to lead public education into the future without high quality professional development. Superintendents recognize the moral imperative to address the emerging needs of learners.”

"School Superintendents hold one of the most difficult leadership jobs in local government,” says former Superintendent, Mark Wolak. "In order to address the needs of the future, Superintendents must lead communities through adaptive changes that many find uncomfortable. Adaptive leadership is filled with political risk, adversity and personal challenge. We must provide executive development and coaching services to our Superintendents to help them sustain effective leadership and achieve the results we know we need in our public schools around the state and nation." Cohen adds, "Leaders make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better", Harry Truman taught this lesson well."

It is unimaginable to consider having a more difficult leadership role,” adds Gary Cohen, CEO of BOSS. "The idea of changing the system using linear technical solutions is impossible. Every Superintendent must become skilled in adaptive change leadership. Most Superintendents are great problem-solvers and are driven to provide quick solutions for immediate challenges. This will not be sufficient to lead the changes we need in the education system.” Cohen adds, "A Superintendent must be willing to create discontent to motivate the system to change. It is clear from our poll that 99% of current School Superintendents know that the current system will not meet the future needs of students and they are willing to do something about it."

BOSS partners with national and state organizations, both public and private, who share the commitment to develop leaders and improve outcomes for students in public education.

If you would like more information about Board of School Superintendents please go to BOSS or call 612-204-2044. Board of School Superintendents (BOSS) strategic mission is to Elevate Learners by Elevating Leaders. BOSS is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and founded by Gary B. Cohen and Dr. Mark A. Wolak.

"Developing Leaders, Driving Change and Improving Outcomes”

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