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Becoming a BOSS Chair FAQ

Is this a franchise?

No, this is not a franchise, it is a licensee relationship. 

Is this a financial commitment?

There is no financial investment involved other than airfare and hotel to attend our training and required reading to enhance your facilitation skills and understanding the coaching process.

Is this a full-time or a part-time job?

To run a full 12-person Board of School Superintendents Symphony (80 hours of service to each superintendent)  it takes about approximately 22 days per year.  The initial launch of BOSS Symphony will require dedicated time to develop agreements with the State Association of Administrators and the State School Board.

Will this role require a lot of travel?

No, you will be work locally within your region developing from one to three cohort groups.  The BOSS face to face meetings are held on a rotating host basis at your members’ offices. The host will provide the meeting space, food and beverage. No member will host more than once per year. BOSS Symphony is designed around an annual schedule that accommodates for a Superintendent's busiest times of the school year. During those times, an emphasis is placed on group web-conferences and individual coaching.  One annual retreat is required for each cohort.

Is it up to me to build and grow my group, or is there some sort of support?
What are the resources BOSS will make available to me?

BOSS provides a strong brand, national trademark and proven learning design along with a well developed sales and marketing team. Because of our innovative approach for members to be nominated, we expect many referrals for cohort membership from a state association. BOSS will provide you with membership support, IT, Billing, Collections, electronic contracting, micro-site with forums, career centers, best practices, community blogs and private discussion tools for each group and access to evidenced based practice. BOSS provides all the resources you will need to be successful - your knowledge, skill, experience, network and tenacity will drive to the winning outcome!

Is a BOSS Chair a consultant?

No, BOSS Chairs are selected to provide coaching, mentoring facilitation, and at times, advice. You will not be doing the work for a BOSS member.  Your role is to engage them to do their work , When you are building a Board of School Superintendents cohort, you will act as a recruiter and selector of members for your Symphony. We see the selection based on a mosaic for the greatest cognitive diversity to enhance our members experience.  A BOSS Chair helps each member superintendent in the journey to discover their leadership capacity and enhance their ability to make more effective decisions.

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