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Diane Halpin, DirectorChange the way we serve learns with Autism!

Jazz Band™ Peer Group Cohort

"Music is what feelings sound like"

Jazz Band™ is the program and process for six full days of face to face learning led by a BOSS trained Symphony Conductor.

Need for a Collective Capacity

In leadership experiences over the years, we found that superintendents attend mostly meetings that serve the needs of other people and fall way short of meeting their own needs as leaders. We intentionally formed BOSS cohorts to start a new professional practice.

Superintendents need their own meetings with a learning agenda and a confidential safe place for a leader dialogue. BOSS will provide the trained and skilled Chair to lead the cohort learning process.

Many Superintendents have maintained an isolated and a some what competitive stance with one another rather than seeing each other as part of the solution. Superintendents enjoy some local celebrity , community recognition and respect in most school districts in this country. They are often given credit by the community for holding the strengths of intelligence, skill, competitiveness, academic knowledge, moral leadership and so forth. In a way, superintendents area scribed attributes that are "bigger than life."

This can lead to greater isolation on the part of the superintendent. We provide a safe place for you to be with peers and develop a personal learning plan with colleagues.

The traditions of the past and changing forces of today require a new look at how school superintendents are prepared for the job and also how we support them in the job. Professional development by the state associations or state departments is often focused on technical and policy work as opposed to adaptive leadership skills. The lack of deeper and meaningful dialogue and the lack of effective coaching and mentoring programs means that most superintendents find the job too difficult, not rewarding, and are deeply troubled by the loneliness of the role and the lack of true leadership available to them.

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