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Practice 3 - Alignment of Goals Improves Results for Students
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Alignment of Goals Improves Results for Students

Aligning goals in a school district seems like a simple task to many people until they realize the many voices involved in decisions in public education. Governors, State Boards of Education, Education Commissioners, Legislators, School Boards, teacher unions, professional associations, parents, staff, and students all seek a voice at the table when important decisions must be made by the superintendent.

Integrating the big ideas of a district strategic plan into the day to day practices of all employees is one of the greatest challenges for a superintendent. Now, we know that it truly matters and that maintaining a focus on alignment of district goals to the classroomimproves student achievement.

Waters and Marzano (2007) conducted a meta-analysis of research on the effect of superintendent leadership on student achievement. Their work produced three major findings:

  1. District level leadership matters
  2. Effective superintendents focus their efforts on settting cleargoals for the district.
  3. Superintendent tenure is positively correlatedwith student achievement.

There is assignificant relationship (.05 level, 95 percent confidence level) between district leadership and improved student achievement. District leadership responsibilities correlate with student achievement (School Administrator, March 2007). This is also supported in similar research by Michael Fullan and Douglas Reeves.

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